After just a few weeks of instruction, you can be playing some really cool songs on the guitar.
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Tom Murray - Instructor
Wood Vibrations Guitar Instruction
Hendersonville, NC

Experienced Educator

Individual Education Plan
for each student

First lesson is free

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of 8 lessons

Lessons given at 
your house 
or my studio

*Picture yourself playing some of your favorite songs.  I'll help you achieve that goal.  

*Do you have a child who is obviously "musical"?  The guitar can be an excellent, and inexpensive outlet for their talent.  

*Do you have the desire to play but don't own a guitar?  I can be your "guitar broker" and help you find a suitable instrument.  (Check out the description below of one that I have for sale)

*Are you past the "beginner" stage and wish to move on to the next level of skill, knowledge, and songs?  Let's get together and make it happen.
Tom Murray
North Carolina
I have a good $100 starter guitar that I bought just for the purpose of testing its playability for beginners.  This Jasmine S34C has a nice curvy body (as opposed to Dreadnaught style) with a rounded cut-away.  This shape gives the guitar a good, even volume from all the strings.  The satin finish always looks nice since it doesn't show fingerprints.  It has a little wider neck than most starter guitars which makes fretting easier for men with thicker or longer fingers and is also a plus for finger-pickers.  This guitar has impressed me. It is easy to play (strumming and finger-picking) and has a nice tone for such a cheap instrument.  I've enjoyed keeping it handy to pick up and play when I catch a few minutes - enough that I've had to recently give it a new set of strings.  Now it sounds even better.
If you live in the Hendersonville area and are interested, give me a call or email and I'll let you check it out.  If you're not so close to me, you can order one from one of the online stores like