An Introduction To Your Instructor - Tom Murray
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Tom Murray - Guitar Instructor
I am a retired educator with 30 years experience in science education and coaching several sports and more than 45 years experience playing guitar and other stringed instruments.

My years of experience in playing, coaching, and teaching have developed an ability to break down the skills involved in playing the guitar.  This enables me to reveal to the student the details that make these skills easier to accomplish.

I love the challenge of communicating what I know and making it fun.

About My Teaching

- For the beginner, I design a course of study to fit the student's needs and goals.

Most students simply want to learn to strum some of their favorite tunes.  For these, I first teach some of the easier basic chords and strum patterns, and some cool, but easy songs to use them on. Then we progress to more colorful chords and more complex songs, including some "goal songs" of the student's choosing.

For the student who wants a good foundation of musical knowledge to go along with the guitar skills they learn, a different path is taken.  This would include reading music notation and learning chord theory along with the skills of playing.

Younger, elementary age students are taught guitar quite differently from older kids and adults since both their fingers and their attention spans are still a bit short.  They generally require smaller guitars and shorter lessons.  Emphasis is on learning good basic technique, playing some simple songs, and having fun with music.  Parental involvement is a must in order to help these young musicians get in a little playing time every day.

- For intermediate level students who have a good grasp of the basics, I can help them sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge of chord theory, allowing them to tackle more complex songs.

Other personal information
I love playing a variety of styles: Rock, Country, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass.  I play acoustic guitar and electric guitar in the praise band at First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, NC, where I have been active for the past 40 years.  I also enjoy playing banjo and dobro with Lynn Goldsmith and the Jeter Mountain Band.  
North Carolina